Policies, Systems and the Student Voice

A central role for college governors is ensuring there are appropriate policies and systems in place.  This is highlighted in the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges, which states that college governors must:

Ensure there are effective underpinning policies and systems, which facilitate the student voice.

The following information includes resources on policy implementation, student engagement, safeguarding and Prevent.

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Case studies

Effective Governance: National Leader of Governance (NLG) Policies, Systems and the Student Voice case study



This briefing note sets out the responsibilities with respect to the Prevent Duty for governors, clerks and senior managers. 

The Education and Training Foundation provides online training materials and resources for the Prevent Duty. 

Webinars and video

Prevent duty guidance

Aubrey Magill, FE lead on Prevent at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2015. This webinar provides the opportunity to hear about the scope of the duty and for colleges to better understand how this will impact on governors, senior leaders, staff and students. Aubrey is joined by David Corke, Director of FE and Skills Policy at AoC.

Healthy Colleges and their impact – what do governors need to know?

This 2015 webinar is presented by Clare Howard, Deputy Managing Director of AoC Sport, the lead organisation for college sport, physical activity and health. The webinar provides background on the policy context for physical activity in colleges and provides an insight into how a focus on health and sport can support college wider objectives.