Code of Good Governance for English Colleges

On 31 March 2015 AoC Governors’ Council published the new Code of Good Governance for English Colleges

An introductory letter from the Chair of AoC and the Chair of AoC Governors’ Council, and the Code itself are available below. 

The Code contains:

  • An initial statement of the core values and expectations that provide the context for the way in which college governance is conducted.
  • The 10 governance principal responsibilities that support the values and are vital to successful implementation.
  • More detailed consideration of each principal responsibility.
  • A list of references and links to source documents and good practice examples.

The Code of Good Governance for English Colleges is intended to help governing boards meet and exceed basic governance requirements.  As autonomous bodies, individual colleges are free to adopt the Code as they see fit.  AoC suggests that colleges may wish to consider adopting the code at their summer board meeting.

The code has been developed through a sector-wide process of consultation and replaces the Foundation Code.  In the first stage of this, AoC held a series of development workshops attended by over 240 governors, senior leaders and clerks.  Drafts of the Code were shared with relevant departments and agencies.  Following this, the resulting draft Code was made available through an open consultation process, in which more than 160 colleges participated. 

AoC would like to thank all those who gave their time to contribute.