Further Forces

For colleges

For service leavers 

We support service personnel who are preparing to leave or who have recently left the services (in the last 5 years) to become Further Education (FE) teachers and train for a teaching qualification. Commissioned by ETF, the Further Forces Programme is also supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. 

We provide:

  • A fully funded programme & subsidised training - at no cost to you
  • A tailored recruitment service to find you a teaching job that suits your expertise
  • An in-house or flexible Certificate of Education (Level 5 CertEd) - no prior teaching qualification is required
  • Specialist mentor support to help with your transition into teaching

Information for Service Leavers

To find out more about what the programme entails, take a look at this Q&A with former Officer in the Navy, Nick Harper, now a Lecturer at Weymouth College, or former Medical Combat Technician in the Army, Hannah Payne, now a lecturer at Hartpury College. 

To find out more about current vacancies, take a look at the Further Forces AoC Jobs page - but once you're on programme we'll help you to find the right teaching job for you.

Apply now - last opportunity to apply

Potential recruits have until the end of March 2020 to complete their induction, orientation and programme registration. This will allow them to begin Initial Teacher Education training before, or at the latest by, 30 September 2020.

No further recruitment will take place after 31 March 2020. Beyond March, service leavers interested in FE teaching will be able to draw on support from the ETF FE Advice Line and will be signposted towards other opportunities (and associated financial support) to undertake teacher training.

Trainees who are already engaged in Further Forces will continue to be funded to complete their nationally recognised ITE qualification and supported to secure employment in FE technical teaching roles.


Further Forces Recruitment Conference, 6 March, London  

We also have a series of Insight Days:

Friday 13 March, Grimsby Institute
Monday 16 March, HMP Bristol (Prison Education service)
Wednesday 18 March, Weston College
Thursday 19 March, Exeter College
Friday 20 March, City College Norwich

For more information and to book, visit our booking site.

Those considering applying may also wish to watch this film featuring former Royal Engineer Dean Carpenter talking about his successful transition into FE.

For more information and to apply, email Roger Etunyi, Recruitment Officer, or call 0207 034 9978.  

The first step is to fill in the trainee profile:



For colleges

We help colleges to recruit to 'hard-to-fill' teaching vacancies. If you have a vacancy, get in touch and we will match you with a service leaver; we can also keep you up to date with our new recruits. Once appointed, the service leaver will be enrolled on a funded teacher training programme at the college, or with one of our spoke colleges, or the University of Portsmouth. 

If you have recently appointed a service leaver, get in touch as we can offer funding for their training, and mentoring support.

Information for FE Senior Leaders and Managers

For more information and to sign up, please email Roger Etunyi, Recruitment Officer, or call 0207 034 9978.