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For service leavers 

We support service personnel who are preparing to leave or who have recently left the services (in the last 5 years) to become Further Education (FE) teachers and train for a teaching qualification. Commissioned by ETF, the Further Forces Programme is also supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

To find out more about current vacancies, take a look at the Further Forces AoC Jobs page - but once you're on the programme we'll help you to find the right teaching job for you.

Information for Service Leavers

To find out more about what the programme entails, take a look at this Q&A with former Officer in the Navy, Nick Harper, now a Lecturer at Weymouth College, or former Medical Combat Technician in the Army, Hannah Payne, now a lecturer at Hartpury College. 

For colleges

We help colleges to recruit to 'hard-to-fill' teaching vacancies. If you have a vacancy, get in touch and we will match you with a service leaver; we can also keep you up to date with our new recruits. Once appointed, the service leaver will be enrolled on a funded teacher training programme at the college, or with one of our spoke colleges, or the University of Portsmouth.

If you have recently appointed a service leaver, get in touch as we can offer funding for their training, and mentoring support. Email info@aoc.co.uk

Information for FE Senior Leaders and Managers

Day in the life articles

Leigh Pickard-Morrish, Former Navy Submarine Data Analyst:
After 24 years in the navy’s submarine service as a data analyst, Leigh Pickard-Morrish left to teach level 4 apprentices at Exeter College from September 2019. Learn mre about his journey here.