Shared Services

AoC has worked on a variety of projects, run under the Grant Fund and Efficiency Innovation Fund (EIF). 

The aims of these were to:

  • Test out new models of delivery from feasibility through to implementation. 
  • Provide outcomes that can be shared and replicated for the sector.

This section provides you with material on federal structures, collaboration, shared curriculum and legalities associated with developing new models of delivery.

  1. Projects
  2. The Many Faces of Collaboration
  3. Case Studies
  4. Outcomes


Many of the projects listed above were pilot projects that tested the feasability of shared services and did not necessarily provide best practice or replicable models for other organisations to pursue. If you would like further detail on any of the above projects, please contact AoC's Projects Team.

The Many Faces of Collaboration

This evaluation report looks specifically at the experiences of the EIF projects and provides an insight into project outcomes and impacts, challenges and lessons learnt as well as information on set up and costs associated with the projects. The report illustrates the variety of projects that were funded from the truly innovative to the simple incremental ideas.

Case Studies

AoC commissioned Tony Davis from Moving World Ltd to develop five case studies illustrating an update on new models of delivery. These case studies aim to illustrate:

  • Development of the project
  • Outcomes in terms of savings, impact on the organisation staff/students and sustainability.

The five case studies review the following projects:

To request copies of earlier published case studies, please email AoC's Projects team.


The projects produced a vast amount of outcome material to be shared with the sector with a number of useful documents below. 

Please note that the links in these documents no longer exist. If you would like more information or to review further material, please contact AoC's Projects team.