Reports and Presentations

AoC staff make regular presentations at events and written reports which explain the key issues which face colleges and those involved in education. Here are some presentations recently given by Julian Gravatt

Climate change action for colleges as organisations, February 2021

Funding, finance and FE white paper updated for colleges, February 2021

Education and Local Government Pension Scheme, November 2020

Current financial issues for colleges, November 2020

Current financial issues for colleges. September 2020

Summary of Ney review into oversight of college finances, July 2020

Summer economic update and colleges, July 2020

Information for colleges to assist with setting 2020-1 budgets, June 2020

Current financiial issues for colleges, March 2020

AoC conference slides, November 2019


British Council TVET seminar, March 2019

AoC conference slides, November 2018

College finance slides, March 2018

College finance slides, December 2017

AoC conference slides, November 2017

College policy update 23 & 29 June 2017

Debt, pensions and insolvency 17 May 2017

College policy and funding update 9 March 2017

AoC on spring budget 8 March 2017


Presentation to AoC's governance summit on how governors should oversee finance March 2017

Presentation to AoC's South West finance directors meeting February 2017

Presentation for AoC conference on long-term funding issues November 2016

Presentation for AoC conference on school sixth forms November 2016

Presentation on pensions for AoC webinar Noember 2016

Presentation at an AoC principals and chairs meveting 9 June 2016

Slides on political, funding and finance issues for colleges

Presentations at AoC's college finance conference 17 and 18 May 2016

Slides on education and political issues for colleges

Slides on area reviews

Slides on the apprenticeship levy and colleges

Presentation for AoC budget webinar 17 March 2016

Slides summarising issues for colleges from the March 2016 budget including latest funding information

Report to Public Accounts Committee on college finance March 2016

AoC submission to PAC on college finances for their hearing on 16 March 2016 

Presentation on policy, funding and area reviews used for AoC Yorkshire principals and chairs 3 March 2016

Slides summarising the latest news on government policy, college funding and area reviews

Presentation on policy, funding and finance used for AoC North East and South West college finance directors in February 2016

Slides summarising latest news on college funding and finance

Presentation on policy and funding for colleges for AOSEC (South East) principals in January 2016

Slides summarising 2016-17 funding issues and priorities for colleges 12 January 2016 

Presentation on 2015 spending review and college budgets

Updated slides summarising the spending review from a college perspective, used on 16 December 2015 

Presentation on college pension issues for AoC 2015 conference 

Presentation to AoC regional finance directors meeting

A presentation for AoC's North West finance directors meeting on 15 October 2015

Presentation to AoC regional principals and chairs meeting

A presentation for AoC's North West principals and chairs meeting on 15 October 2015 (similar but shorter than the FDs presentation)

What We Know About DfE Policy

A presentation for AoC's June 2015 college finance conference on DfE policy.

Growth Opportunities in Further and Higher Educations? Loans, Fees and Courses

A presentation for AoC's June 2015 college finance conference on FE and HE loans.

The 2015 Spending Review

A presentation for AoC's June 2015 college finance conference which summarises the spending review issues.

The College Funding System

A presentation which summarises the college funding system and some current issues.

2015 Governance Summit

Presentation on benchmarking by Julian Gravatt for 2015 governance summit 

2014 AoC Conference

Copies of funding presentations from AoC's 2014 Annual conference:

The Department for Education Budget After 2015

AoC's report on the DfE budget after 2015 documents the large gap between Treasury expectations about public spending and cost pressures in the education system including those created by a 10% growth in secondary school pupil numbers between 2015 and 2020, the 5% rise in teacher on-costs because of higher TPS and higher National Insurance contributions and the costs of maintaining programmes introduced in recent years (for example free meals). The report makes a conservative estimates that there will be a £4.6 billion shortfall in the DfE budget by 2018-19. We recommend action now to ensure that ministers in future do not make hasty and damaging cuts to funding for 16 to 18-year-olds.

College Finance and Funding

AoC published a report in May 2014 which summarises the funding and financial challenges facing colleges and which suggests some action for government and others to manage the impact of spending cuts.

What does skills policy look like now the money has run out 

A paper from Professor Ewart Keep at Oxford University, commissioned by AoC.