Strategic support

Our senior management team is on hand to provide support to principals and chairs before, during and after the review process. They are also representing you in numerous meetings and discussions with ministers and government departments.


They can be contacted on the details below or by calling 0207 034 9900.

AoC Create

AoC Create has a number of products and services available to help colleges through the area review process:

This is a fully bespoke service that encompasses a review and feasibility study. It provides a full review of the college’s position and the development of possible structural options to be considered in the future.

This analysis looks at a whole area as defined by area review. The focus is on the provision currently delivered and its fit with existing and future patterns of student demand, local economic and skills priorities, and local demographic factors.

Our network of experts can help colleges through the process of a merger from initial planning through to post merger support.

Our team will look at the training and improvement of staff to improve efficiency savings. We also offer support on funding reviews and during bids for funding, offering best practice advice.

This includes pre-review training for chairs, leading and managing in change, mentoring and coaching for middle management and senior staff and HR specific training on specialist subjects, for example TUPE.

AoC Create offers a range of recruitment services including executive recruitment and interim management.