Information and data

FE data hub

AoC has commissioned RCU to develop a free data hub for colleges.  The interactive website includes some of the most important and useful data about the sector and the communities you serve.  There are a range of interactive charts and maps, as well as quick links to other information resources, including Ofsted, SFA, UKCES, DfE, BIS and ONS.  The Data Hub will continue to develop over time in order to ensure that it includes the range of resources that managers, governors and planners within the sector find most useful and valuable. It provides an easy way to access top level information relevant for area reviews.

In addition, AoC Create in partnership with RCU can offer a pre-review area based data analysis. This looks at a whole area as defined by area review. The focus is on all of the provision currently delivered (including that delivered by other providers) and its fit with existing and future patterns of student demand, local economic and skills priorities, and local demographic factors.

Other resources

The following links provide details of data available on post-16 education and training

Statistics on staff in colleges

College funding and financial data


College key facts

Our key facts document provides statistics for college nationally.