Four Nations College Brexit Blueprint

A new discussion paper, written by further education leaders in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has been published, outlining the best ways for the government to address these fears and to deliver a strong economy and robust labour market once we have left the European Union.

‘Developing a Four Nations College Blueprint for a Post-Brexit Economy’ proposes “a new social contract” to better fund all full-time and part-time students in both further and higher education. Based on the principles of the Diamond Review in Wales, this would also provide an entitlement to maintenance grants up to the equivalent of the National Living Wage for all UK citizens.

Colleges across the UK currently educate and train 2.7 million people and are calling for “a new social partnership” with them, employers, unions and governments to set the vision and strategy and support its implementation to ensure that the challenges are being met. This partnership will be vital to promote skills as a crucial part of a successful future, and to engage employers, people and communities in the behaviour and culture changes we need to become a lifelong learning society.

Other recommendations include:

A Lifetime Learning Entitlement - A legal entitlement to accredited education and training, linked to labour market needs. Individuals would be able to access cash, allowing them to engage with education and training at the right time for them. This would be funded by ringfencing part of the adult education budget.

National Retraining Programme - The programme would form a relatively short-term investment to improve productivity, fill significant emerging skills gaps in priority areas. This would also be funded through a ringfence of the adult education budget.

A Better Jobs Deal - As recommended by the Resolution Foundation’s Intergenerational Commission, an active labour market programme offering practical support for younger workers in low-skilled and insecure employment to train to progress into better jobs.

Read the full disccusion paper below. 


    • Developing a Four Nations College Brexit Blueprint - for a post-Brexit economy