Unconscious Bias in FE

21 Jan 2020 09:30

Holiday Inn, Manchester Central Park

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This interactive and practical workshop explores individual and cultural biases that have an impact on organisational effectiveness. Allowing people, in a safe environment to both understand unconscious bias and explore strategies to ensure personal biases are effectively managed, specifically in an FE setting.

Why is this a ‘must attend’ workshop for FE Senior leaders?

The business, moral and legislative cases have dominated training in the last 20-30 years. While these are pivotal in any equality, diversity and inclusion programme, most if not all these approaches have tried to tackle what are ‘conscious’ attitudes and behaviours. Research in the last 10 years however has uncovered the need to tackle the behaviours and attitudes that are driven by our unconscious mind. You will focus on tackling these behaviours and attitudes specifically within a FE context.

The session aims to re frame diversity and inclusion as a key leadership and business imperative and aims at equipping participants with the insight to create more conscious organisations.

Learning Outcomes

The programme will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Understand the context for equality, diversity and inclusion within FE
  • Define ‘unconscious bias’
  • Recognise the science behind unconscious bias
  • Understand organisational and individual biases and assessing their impact in FE
  • Identify strategies to minimise the impact of biases on key functions within FE


  • This workshop will provide attendees with tools and ideas to create more conscious and inclusive FE colleges
  • This workshop will minimise the impact of unconscious bias on key processes within the FE sector

Who should attend?

Principals / CEO’s, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals, HR Directors / Managers, Learning and Development Directors / Managers, Curriculum Leads, Governors and other Senior Leaders.