The Role of the DPO in FE Workshop - London

05 Jun 2019 09:00 - 16:00


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In the last few months, AoC (Create) has received an increasing amount of correspondences from FE staff who about the overwhelming responsibility in leading their college’s data protection as required by the new GDPR compliance. The one thing that will, no doubt, resonate with everyone appointed to this role is: “Where do I begin?” “What am I supposed to do?” And “How am I supposed to fully carry out my new role as a DPO and do my day job?”

In answer to the increasing demand for guidance, the AoC will be launching a dynamic new series of workshops and offering In-House Training for college staff who are responsible for or are part of the DPO infrastructure at their organisation.

Through these carefully constructed Workshops and tailored In-House Training sessions (optional), your college will enjoy the confidence and security of a well-structured compliance team and infrastructure that will scale to the demands of the ever-evolving data protection and cyber threat landscape.

The burden on colleges to create a robust data protection infrastructure can and will feel overwhelming. Both our Workshops and In-House Training aim to dispel misconceptions, myths and misinformation. This hands-on workshop will empower your appointed staff to get a firm handle on their data protection responsibilities. The DPO is considered to be a “key player” in the data protection culture of any organisation. This translates into a legal obligation for colleges to support their newly appointed DPO and ensure that the DPO, and associated teams, are given sufficient time and resources to carry out their compliance tasks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • At “6-months on” from the new GDPR launch, we will review some of the issues still being faced, within the sector, as well as guidance on best practice.
  • Real case studies gaining insight into the practicalities and examples of where FE Colleges have failed to implement GDPR compliant and Cyber Secure controls – We will also look at the levels of risks associated with these vulnerabilities and how they are exploited.
  • A practical “To-Do” list of action points to take back to your college, to assist you in getting started in your role as a Data Protection Officer.

Workshop Aims:

  • Overview of data protection/GDPR
  • Rights of individuals
  • Understanding the rules around marketing and fundraising
  • What are the responsibilities of colleges?
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer
  • GDPR vs Cyber Security Overview
  • Focus #1: Admissions (Onboarding new students, data retention, etc.)
  • Focus #2: IT Infrastructure (Vulnerabilities in processes)
  • Focus #3: Finance & Payroll (Pay slip processing, data sharing with third parties, etc.)
  • Focus #4: Marketing (Collection of data, data flow, data retention, etc.)
  • The importance of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and when to implement them.
  • Subject Access Requests
  • And much more…