The New EIF, your Role as Nominee and your Team Workshop - September 2019

26 Sep 2019 09:30 - 16:00

London – Radisson Blu Edwardian, Grafton

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The new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) has now been published and is in the public domain on the Ofsted website, with inspections commencing in September 2019.

Workshop aims

This workshop aims to help prospective nominees, leaders and managers to understand and use the detail in the new EIF and its requirements for the FE and Skills sector as normal operational good practice.

During the session, we will take you through the key points and EIF priorities. Resources will include a newly designed CIF/EIF gap analysis which our consultant has designed and is a practical resource that supports planning and embedding, this is an effective resource for the whole college and will support those colleagues involved in Curriculum Management from a strategic and operational perspective. The tool will help college management not only identify their own key priorities from the EIF but also support the initial preparation and planning processes that need to take place in readiness for an inspection.

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at prospective current college nominees and working with your internal core inspection team to help you work with and embed the EIF into your quality systems as daily good strategic and operational practice

The session will:

  • Provide an introduction to the EIF
  • Explore differences and content of aspects, what do these mean to the college and where is the evidence based on your current practices and processes
  • Be interactive and include the Gap Analysis of the college’s evidence base of the current CIF undertaking a mapping task using the new EIF
  • This will feed into the college’s strategic planning and QIP
  • You will be provided with support resources to help prepare the college through a case study approach which supports a significant part of the inspection teams scrutiny and time during the inspection.

In the morning session:

  • During the morning you will be guided through the EIF in detail
  • Reviewing your curriculum offer and aligning the EIF requirements with your current provision and strategic vision, direction and priorities for 2019/20 and beyond
  • Mapping your current CIF evidence base to the new EIF requirements completing the CIF/EIF Evidence Base Gap Analysis template

In the afternoon session:

  • The role of the nominee and your core internal inspection team
  • Strategies for effective embedding of the EIF into strategic and operational planning to maintain or improve the quality of your provision the framework
  • Planning and preparation processes which support a smooth inspection working with the external inspection team for operational good practice