Social Media for Human Resource and Management Professionals in FE Workshop

14 May 2019 09:00 - 16:00


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Employers face becoming increasingly out of touch with employees as demographic shifts and technological changes take effect. This workshop will help them understand how to better engage potential job applicants, employees and manage the delivery of internal communications and HR services via social media.

This course will help you to utilise existing social media to get the best from it whilst managing any associated risks, and help you to get your leaders and others in the organisation embracing and using social media. It will also help you to develop an action plan for launching and improving social media within your organisation.

It will also help you to learn how HR professionals and employers in general can use social media to deliver HR services (recruitment, engagement, training and more), engage with employees past present and future, and use social media to enhance the effectiveness of the HR function.

Who should attend:

Human Resources staff, Middle and Senior Managers within Further Education Colleges.

Lerarning Outcomes:

  • Select, launch and use the most appropriate internal social media for their organisation
  • Use social media to deliver HR services
  • Build a better employer brand through use of social media
  • Get themselves and others in the organisation using social media more effectively whilst minimising the associated risks
  • Design appropriate social media content for their organisation


92% of the UK population access the internet at least once a day, and 81% via a mobile phone to use social media, with 48% spending an average of 1.5 hours/day on social media. This workshop will help Colleges and those responsible for the applicant and employee experience to harness the benefits of using technology and social media to engage with talent, past present AND future, and enhancing their employer brand.