Inspiring Leadership Tools and Tips for FE Managers

23 Jan 2019 09:30 - 16:00

Birmingham - DeVere Venues Colmore Gate

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Too many organisational leaders recognise the need for cultural change in their organisations but lack the confidence, knowledge, skills and behaviour to bring such change about. Responsibility for proactively shaping a healthy organisational culture always lies with senior leaders.

This day will help them understand what the term ‘Organisational Health’ actually means and develop their skills to bring about positive culture change. With the recent resignation of Amber Rudd in government, the topic of organizational culture is currently top of the leadership agenda.

The current ‘Hot Topic’ of building a winning culture is predominantly reserved for in-house courses where content is tailored to specific organizational situations.

This workshop encourages the sharing of best practice in an ‘open-course’ forum which develops greater confidence and capability in delegates.

Who should attend:

This course is designed for all senior leaders including principals, vice principals, aspiring principals, marketing & communications directors & managers, human resources directors and managers to help them understand how to improve their organisational culture and inspire them to actually do so.

Objectives for the day

Understand why and how to ‘Strategically get ahead of the Curve’ and learn how to stay there.

Delegates will consider the 6 Critical Questions for strategic success and benchmark their own strategy against them.

Delegates will conduct and reflect on McKinsey 7-s Analysis of their organisation.

Delegates will consider the cultural barriers they face and explore various solutions to create winning cultures and winning teams.

Benefits of attending

More confident leaders who are tuned into the ‘People-needs’ of their college.

Greater knowledge of how to communicate inspirationally and so engage college staff more effectively.

Greater efficiency and effective performance coming from greater clarity in strategic purpose and corresponding operational implementation plans.

A boost in morale / motivation / engagement which ripples out to their teams and staff back in the college.