Advancing & Managing FE Industry Relationships

07 Dec 2018 09:30 - 16:00

London, AoC Head Office

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With so much activity going on in colleges and a whole host of different stakeholders to engage with it is important to know who your stakeholders are, understanding them and knowing how best to involve them. Stakeholder engagement and management involves taking into consideration their different interests and values and engaging the right people in the right way to make a notable difference to success and reputation.

This workshop aims to give an understanding of the imnportance of advancing & managing FE industry relationships. It will provide templates to support engagement with stakeholders and equip delegates with some helpful tools and advice to develop effective stakeholder communications plans.

How is this workshop different?

‘Pracademic’ approach bridging the theory with the practical

Practical exercises and case studies

Group discussions and sharing of best practice

Led by an expert in managing reputation through stakeholder influencing at Government, local authority, LEPS, MSP, and community level

Benefits of attending:

Having a clear picture of who the stakeholders are and what benefit they can bring to the college whether it be with local authorities, business, grant funders or internally with SMT having a clear engagement plan will help build on-going relationships and profile to demonstrate the excellent work the Colleges do in many areas

How to measure for success

Getting buy-in and stakeholder agreement on a range of college projects and policies

The benefits of having a robust stakeholder

Management approach means understanding stakeholders’ opinions and communicating concisely

Who should attend:

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has to manage stakeholder relationships both internally and externally.

Learning Outcomes:

Define stakeholders

Understand the relevance to growing the business

Map stakeholders

Engagement plans

Influencing techniques