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T Level Programmes - Strategies for Expanding Your Employer Group

Venue: Online

Date: 21 March 2024

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Fee: Free

Join us for this enlightening webinar, where we will cover the following key topics:

1. Strategies for Effective Employer Engagement:
- Learn how to create and manage activities that facilitate meaningful interactions with employers, such as establishing employer clubs or breakfast clubs.
- Discover tactics to expand your employer network and boost membership.

2. Bridging Engagement with the Curriculum and Industry Placements (IP):
- Explore methods to seamlessly integrate employer engagement activities into your curriculum.
- Understand how to offer Industry Placements (IP) to both large and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Additionally, this event will provide valuable insights from two experienced providers who have successfully implemented employer engagement strategies, offering unique perspectives on how to expand and enhance your employer network.

Target Audience - Senior Leaders, Curriculum Managers, T Level Leads

For those planning for the delivery of a T Level and/or a T Level Foundation Year.


Webinars are short, focussed, informative events for curriculum and operational leads delivering both T Levels and T Level Foundation Years. Each webinar is focused on a specific topic which is relevant to a particular point the development/delivery process and which has been highlighted by previous providers as being particularly challenging.

Each webinar will feature:

  • Expert input on the latest policy and practice
  • Sharing of strategies for sustainable self-improvement
  • Access to best practice resources to help you plan, deliver and review your T Level/T Level Foundation Year programmes
  • Involvement in future strategic and operational developments
  • Networking with other providers

Webinars are hosted on Zoom and are organised separately by T Level Foundation Year or T Level.