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T Level Foundation Year Health and Science Network (Introductory Session)

Venue: Online

Date: 20 March 2024

Time: 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

Fee: Free

The Health and Science T Level Foundation Year network facilitates the sharing of best practices, resources, and positive outcomes among providers. It's a platform for questions, troubleshooting, and active participation in determining session agendas.

During this initial session, attendees will identify areas needing support to shape subsequent sessions. Providers at any stage, whether in planning or delivery, are actively encouraged to attend and share best practices. This first session allows members to decide meeting frequency and focus areas.

Join your T Level Foundation Year network, co-hosted one of our AoC T Level advisers and experienced providers, offering route-specific support. Meetings occur termly or more frequently as needed. Agenda input from members ensures tailored support, with guest speakers showcasing best practices. Welcome to your network!

Target Audience - Those involved in the planning or delivery of a Health and/or Science T Level Foundation Year


Networks are designed to bring together providers to network over shared challenges of the T Level Foundation Year. Members also have opportunities to share and hear case studies and outstanding practice to date, as well as furthering relationships with other providers. Networks are attended by delivery and planning year providers together. They are small networks so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.