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Route Specific Focus Group - Mastering English, Maths and Digital Skills

Venue: Online

Date: 06 March 2024

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Fee: Free

Join us for an in-depth exploration of best practices tailored to each route in English, maths, and digital skills within the T Level Foundation Year. We'll provide insights into holistic delivery considerations and introduce you to valuable resources and tools to kickstart your planning process.

Don't miss our provider-led breakout sessions, where we'll delve into the unique characteristics of each T Level Foundation Year programme, offering a glimpse of what to expect for each specific route.

This session is route-specific for:

  • Digital
  • Construction and the Built Environment
  • Education and Early Years
  • Health and Science
  • Creative and Design
  • Legal, Finance and Accounting

Please ensure you have selected the correct date for the route you are planning/delivering. If your route is not here, please see the session on 7th March.

Target Audience - All planning TL Foundation Year providers, including Senior Leads, TL Foundation Year Leads, Curriculum Manages, Curriculum Leads and Teachers.

Route Specific Focus Groups are for all providers who are planning to deliver or who are currently delivering the TLFY Programme. The target audience from each provider is staff that will be delivering the Technical Knowledge and Skills component of the TLFY, for example Curriculum Managers, Curriculum Leaders, Teachers, Lecturers, Work Experience and Industry Placement staff. The content for each event will either focus on an overarching subject for all providers delivering any route (e.g. contextualisation of English and maths), or will focus more on a route-specific area (e.g. Digital, Construction) to enable deeper exploration of route-specific learning.