Effective use of technology in further education award - South Eastern Regional College

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) developed Rating Activities and Interactive Student Engagement (RAISE), an in-house MOODLE plugin and course badge system, to improve online provision.

Learners rate MOODLE resources and activities through an innovative SERC developed plugin. Scores are aggregated and an overall score achieved at module, course, departmental and organisational level. A rubric was developed to categorise MOODLE courses, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. This dual approach gives both learners and teachers a voice.

Students learn better when they are actively involved in their learning. As RAISE encourages students to improve the design of their online learning they become autonomous, self-paced, independent learners. Since RAISE’s introduction, MOODLE use has increased by 27% and learner feedback using the ‘Activity Rater’ has been very positive.

RAISE is a college-wide initiative. Staff are now able to use their preparation time more efficiently to develop the resources learners value, and created e-learning content has the dual benefit of developing staff digital skills, whilst also enabling a more tailored approach in the e-learning content mapped to learner needs.

Using the student voice to inform learning design and supporting teachers to evaluate their online courses has increased MOODLE use and student retention across SERC.