Effective use of technology in further education award - Preston's College

Preston’s College has integrated new and affordable technologies to stretch and challenge our ‘millennial digital native’ learners in terms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

By utilising AR/VR technology within formative assessment has empowered both students and tutors to create their own content linking to their subject discipline. The technology supports skills based subjects such as performing arts, where high level analysis is difficult to capture and present and enables critiques to occur.

Performing arts and dance students are using 360° technology to analyse their own performance from the viewpoint of an audience. This has challenged them to improve their technique. Students can create their own 3D objects and present their assessed work in ways beyond anything they thought possible.

AR and VR resources are dynamic and rich in information which encourages learners to take an active role in assessments, critiquing their progress and stimulating self-reflection. 3D scanning technology enables several curriculum areas to use the same object for different purposes, so bringing expensive resources to life and creating personalised learning.

The new technology offers learners different ways to carry out assessment that enhances the inclusivity of the current curriculum and supports high grades and achievement.