Effective use of technology in further education award - Plumpton College

During 2017-18, Plumpton College explored effective ways to integrate immersive technologies into teaching. The college published www.teachingwithvirtualreality.com to showcase the case studies and emerging best practices.

The college completed the project as part of the Education & Training Foundation’s Outstanding Teaching Learning & Assessment programme. It represents an innovative mix of collaborative teacher-led research and a new application of technology within vocational teaching.

The project has impacted a large number of FE students and has methods with proven sustainability and replicability across the educational sector. The greatest impact has been with students who suffer anxiety when attempting practical activities. The virtual reality content provided a safe environment for students to experience new situations and improved engagement in lessons.

All of the content that the college is creating forms part of a virtual hub. Learning resources are available on a suite of virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, as well as being accessible remotely through the virtual learning environment. Content can be used on a variety of different devices so that staff and students are able to engage with the Virtual Hub in a form that best suits their teaching and learning styles.

Preston’s College