Effective use of technology in further education Award - Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

ESTV is a student media company, trail blazing a new way for media delivery. ESTV meet the college’s video needs; creating on line teaching content, campus screen signage, promotional materials for new courses, staff vacancies and college facilities tours, with work quality assured by a Channel Manager.

A model gathering fast pace over 2 years, ESTV have won Technology and Community Awards and have become a well-known industry to call upon locally, rivalling any professional company, recently editing film including HRH Price Harry. With retention 99%, pass rate 99% and achievement 98%, the metrics are well above the national average, showing a three year rising trend along with a 53% rise in employer engagement.

Learners are thriving, with a 100% student satisfaction rate. One learner directly accessed a BBC placement over 7000 applicants. ESTV have become an indispensable component of the college make up, hand in hand with the marketing department.

Learner preferred styles and methods of communication are now becoming the face of the college, created by learners, for learners. This innovation has merits within a college’s structure that other colleges could benefit from adopting. This is how media should be done within a college setting.