Effective use of technology in further education Award - Fife College

New Directions school link students undertake VR projects that help develop social employability skills and address learning barriers through expanding essential skills and knowledge bases.

Through the innovative introduction of simple coding, students are able to gain confidence, not only in using this software, but also in finding their creative abilities. This allows them to identify their strengths and areas for development and, through a project of their choice, recognise and develop their skills.

Working with VR allows students to gain self-identity; integration with peers from other backgrounds/schools; integration with staff, senior management, students of all ages, outside agencies, and employers; access to wider college’s resources and expanding the individual’s skills, knowledge base and social skills.

The benefits of VR are shared widely throughout college, and New Directions students now confidently deliver workshops/taster sessions to both students/staff from different courses and curriculum areas. Going forward this use of VR will inform potential learners of the college environment and hopefully raise aspiration and confidence for FE study.

The introduction of VR has enhanced the learning experience for our New Directions school link students; bringing learning alive in an innovative and engaging way.