Effective use of Technology in Further Education Award

This award supported by Jisc seeks to celebrate an outstanding example of the ‘Use of Technology’ carefully designed to improve the student experience - in a digital age. Underpinning the project is likely to be enhancements to teaching, learning and assessment and/or the creation of business efficiencies. In every case, changes made will be valued by learners and easily evidenced. The innovative use of technology might be applied across specific provision or support a college wide approach.

The project will be above and beyond what is the ‘norm’ and applications are not restricted to a specific type of courses, for example ‘Information Technology’. Outstanding use of technology might be targeted at specific age groups or more generally those who study for all their time at a main campus or remotely.

When completing the first stage application (1,000 words) please note that the assessors will be scoring on innovation, impact and sustainability. Inclusion of information to address the AoC Beacon Criteria will greatly enhance the likelihood of success.

Colleges that exceed the AoC Beacon Standard will be invited to submit a full project brief (building on the content in the first stage application), that will provide comprehensive additional evidence such as: positive learner success, financial savings (where appropriate), learner voice/employer feedback and the impact of changes on teaching, learning and assessment.

Sponsor’s Criteria

Colleges wishing to apply for this award could consider some or all of the following:

  • Effective new models of delivery and/or assessment which enhance the learning experience and result in a significant increase in learner success, including learner retention, achievement, progression and satisfaction;
  • The use of technology which has resulted in the improvement in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and enriched the curriculum;
  • Effective use of technology which enables the development of increased organisational efficiency and has achieved significant quantified savings, in business processes and delivery of learning and other services, and/or released time and money;
  • Effective leadership, management and governance in developing and sustaining a digitally capable institution via the wider use of technology to support learning and institutional development;
  • Innovative use of technology contributing to the development of the curriculum, including digital skills, to meet the needs of the community the college serves;
  • A transferable model which can be cascaded and adopted by other institutions.

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