Edge Award for Excellence in the Practical Delivery of Technical and Professional Learning.

Edge is the independent education charity dedicated to shaping the future of education to meet the demands of the 21st century global economy and ensure opportunity for all.

Technical and creative skills are critical to our modern digital economy. Edge believes that high quality technical and professional learning should be a key part of a coherent, unified and holistic education system to support social mobility and enable all young people to fulfil their potential.

Our plan for education

  • Create a broad, balanced and relevant 14-19 curriculum
  • Make school work relevant to the workplace; get employers involved
  • Give teachers more support and freedom; encourage collaboration between institutions to share best practice and resource
  • More high-quality apprenticeships for young people to help them earn and learn
  • Ensuring a flexible, dynamic and value for money higher education system that helps prepare young people for the real world

We invite entries for this award from colleges which have developed high quality practical teaching and learning approaches that give students experiences that are real, meaningful, challenging, stretching and life changing.

When completing the first stage application (1,000 words) please note that the assessors will be scoring on innovation, impact and sustainability. Inclusion of information to address the AoC Beacon and Sponsor’s Criteria will greatly enhance the likelihood of success.

Colleges that exceed the AoC Beacon Standard will be invited to submit a full project brief (building on the content in the first stage application), that will provide comprehensive additional evidence such as: feedback from community organisations, employers or local authorities; evidence of enhanced employment opportunities; impact of the college on learner achievement and employability; creative and successful marketing of the curriculum.

Sponsor’s Criteria

Colleges wishing to apply for this award should consider the following:

  • Development of a curriculum which has led to practical teaching and learning approaches that enable learners to have experiences that are real, meaningful, challenging, stretching and life-changing as detailed above;
  • Provision of effective support for the curriculum through engagement with employers and local communities, enabling sustained and successful involvement of learners in the work place whether through apprenticeships or other employer engagement;
  • Innovative best practice that delivers identifiable results and benefits; effective ways of encouraging and motivating staff involved in the curriculum development; effective and imaginative work to support staff development; positive outcomes for teachers, other staff and learners;
  • Development of a responsive curriculum to sustain the learning of crafts, technical or professional opportunities which have a direct and measurable impact on employment and enterprise;
  • Development and implementation of flexible teaching, learning and assessment methods, and a curriculum which responds to the needs of learners, employers and communities.

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