Dr Lis Smith - Preston’s College

Name: Dr Lis Smith
Name and type of college: Preston’s College – FE College

History of organisation: Preston’s College has a rich history with firm foundations in providing technical education and skills for its community. In a rapidly changing global economy, where having the most appropriate skills is a requirement for success, we are continuing this tradition, and are focusing on developing the skills for the present and ensuring the skills for the future.

Place, and our role within this is important to the College. The College is firmly grounded in its community and plays a significant role in supporting young people and adults in developing their knowledge, skills and education in preparation for employment, career advancement or further study. It is in a relatively unique position in having 2 outstanding Colleges and a large University in close proximity creating a very competitive market for all of our potential learners (16-18, adults and HE).

Experience to draw from: Over 30 years’ experience in education and skills related areas.  9 years as a Principal and CEX, with a background in higher education, business and the Regional Development Agency. 

Particular experience of working with and across organisations in strategic partnerships, both within the FE Community and the local and regional arena, including political and business connections.

A lateral thinker who often sees things from different perspectives. 

A real interest in governance.  I have experience of sitting on a number of Boards, and recognise the importance of the Principal, Chair and Clerk relationships.

I am able to support you with:

  • Overarching organisational strategies to deliver outcomes, but with a practical and pragmatic approach – what needs to be addressed.
  • Governance, in particular relationships with Board, Chair and Clerk.
  • Stakeholder management and partnerships.

Contact information:

Email: lsmith@preston.ac.uk
Telephone: 01772 225537