City & Guild college engagement with employers award - Yeovil College Case Study

Yeovil College is working with local employers to fill their Apprenticeship shortages by sponsoring Key Stage 4 curriculums aligned to their industry needs.

Since the introduction of Progress and Attainment 8, school links with colleges and therefore industry has diminished and in most cases is now at zero. This innovative idea enables businesses to sponsor classes in areas that are currently in a skills shortage, such as Construction and Engineering, giving employers a greater access to fresh talent within the local community.

It has given students a range of different curriculum offers; providing opportunities to students that would not have had the chance to access a Technical Level programme previously. It also gives the students a head start into their chosen career, and an opportunity to work with highly respected, local businesses.

New companies are in the pipe line to sponsor other curriculum areas, such as IT, Business and Health Care. This will help widen the School link offer and in turn increase the number of Key Stage 4 students being able to access career programmes through their School.

Over the last year the number of local business that have sponsored programmes at Yeovil College has quadrupled, due to this support it has created a highly successful innovative idea in which we look forward to expanding upon in the future, and developing these relationships further.