City & Guild college engagement with employers award - South West College Case Study

The Engineering Hub delivers a whole college strategic approach to engineering employer engagement in response to the skills and R&D needs of an important local cluster.

Key innovations include the award winning ‘GOLD’ Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Programme which attracts high calibre young people (7+ GCSE) into apprenticeships. The Hub also facilitates industrial R&D projects and, uniquely, in 2017 SWC became the first college in the UK to offer PhD provision in engineering.

The Engineering Hub has enabled SWC to attract more (20% year on year growth) and better students, including females, into engineering, through modernising the appeal of the industry to young people. There are outstanding success rates (typically 94% retention and 84% achievement) with high levels of progression to sustained employment.

Through partnership work with industry, the Engineering Hub enables the college to provide excellence in the delivery of engineering professional and technical education, curriculum, skills support and innovation. The whole college model, focussed around sectors of local economic importance, is being rolled out to improve student and wider economic outcomes.

The Engineering Hub enables SWC to deliver a ‘future-proofed’ service to students and employers that is matched to the needs of the economy.