City & Guild college engagement with employers award - Havering College of Further and Higher Education Case Study

The Rail Academy was developed to equip unemployed or low skilled learners with the skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to gain employment in the rail industry.

The Rail Academy is a collaboration between industry, further education, DWP and stakeholders that offers a short course, a level 2 qualification and a guaranteed job interview. There is a massive sector demand for skills and jobs that is not met by traditional classroom provision.

This course has a literal life-changing impact for the learners. They have been able to build a career and maintain a sustainable income that was otherwise inaccessible to them. Typically, the learners are low-skilled and come from disadvantaged backgrounds, so this course reinstates their confidence and improves their lives drastically.

The Rail Academy demonstrates how the input of employers, access to facilities and equipment can encourage creative and technical skills development. Wider college learners can benefit from, site visits, job opportunities, work experience and apprenticeships in sector areas not directly track related, including digital (signalling), business, customer service and engineering.

The successful Rail Engineering Academy responds to the needs of individuals and employers, and in doing so helps to tackle the industry’s skills shortage.