City & Guild college engagement with employers award - Belfast Metropolitan College Case Study

Belfast Metropolitan College through our Centre for Economic Development and Social Inclusion (CEDSI) have developed a strategic engagement programme ‘Leading the City to Work’ delivering a dual mandate of economic development and social inclusion.

The initiative is effective in meeting the skills needs of employers, not only in Belfast, but across NI and Ireland - offering a huge portfolio of programmes and services, including training, mentoring, supporting business innovation, consultancy, student projects, student placement, strategic graduate programmes, community development and employability; addressing skills shortages and priorities in our economy and developing an industry led curriculum.

Responding to employers needs has resulted in: 98% acquired new skills to innovate in the future; 83% increased sales; 66% reduced costs; 62% entering new markets; 87% wouldn’t have achieved results without training; and over 5,500 jobs, resulting in £141m into NI Economy.

The key to success is a common understanding that ‘Leading the City to Work’ is built on the premise that economic growth is only truly successful when underpinned by social inclusion and that colleges have a fundamental part to play in supporting both.