City College Norwich - Stephen Fry

AoC Gold Award Winner Stephen Fry accepting his award in 2004

The internationally renowned actor, author, director and comedian, Stephen Fry attended City College Norwich of Further and Higher Education in 1976/77 where he took a one-year A Level course at the College, following an unsuccessful attempt at A Levels at another college where he failed to sit all the exams.

Stephen Fry receiving an AoC Gold Award

In his autobiography, Stephen recalls that he had solemnly informed the Admissions Tutor that if Norwich City College allowed him to come to the College and take his A Levels, he would go on to study at Cambridge.  Despite there being little evidence to support this claim, the tutor was sufficiently impressed with the young Fry to admit him to the College.

Stephen kept his promise to the tutor and in the Summer of 1977 he gained a Grade A in English, taking a Special Paper and gaining a distinction in the subject, as well as gaining a Grade B in French and a Grade A in is AO Level Study of Art.  He also took the Cambridge Entrance exam at City College and was offered a scholarship to Queens College, Cambridge.  He went on to graduate from Cambridge with a 2:1 in English.

Stephen Fry has recently declared, during public performance and interview, that City College was his ‘saviour’.