City and Guild college engagement with employers award - Burnley College Case Study

Burnley College is ‘Bridging the gap’ between local job seekers and recruitment needs of local small businesses.
The academies are all sector driven with ‘real’ buy in from local businesses. Employers interview and recruit directly from the various academies. All products manufactured at the academies are production line quality standard, quality assured by the employer and used as stock in their businesses.
Sustainable job creation has been the most tangible outcome for the students. The textile academy for example has secured 55% full-time permanent jobs.  All students on completion of their academy course are interviewed by the employers (with positive suggestions on interview improvement). The increase in student confidence and self-esteem is immeasurable.
Since submitting the application two more academies have been developed in conjunction with local employers.  Both of the new academies meet the immediate needs of local businesses and have been highly received by students not in a financial position to continue with their academic journey.

Burnley College looks forward to evolving the academies and making a positive influence on the unemployment figures in Lancashire for many years to come.