Bubbles (Annonymous)

Number and mix of 16-18, 14-16, adult learners, academic, voc/tech quals

  • 16-18 study programmes     4,691
  • 14-16 29
  • Adult learners (AEB)               4,119
  • Apprenticeships (all ages)    2,719
  • Higher Education       414
  • A-Levels           195

Number of campuses, type of estate

The College utilises six campuses, two of which are rented accommodation.

What have been your key considerations around managing bubbles in your college?

Key Objectives:

-             Maintain staff and student health and well-being (sustainability)

-             Adhere to government guidance

-             Ensuring capacity to track and trace

-             Provide high quality teaching and learning / student experience across a broad and varied curriculum

Key Considerations:

Curriculum design and delivery

-             How to reduce face-to-face on campus delivery to facilitate social distancing / bubbles and ensure that student numbers no higher than 35% to 50% of campus capacity?

-             How to provide a broad and inspiring curriculum, in bubbles, that continues to enable skills and personal development? (English and maths, technical and employability skills?)


-             How to timetable in a way to maintain bubbles and reduce need of shared facilities such as the refectory?

-             Estates (Bottlenecks and Shared Spaces)

-             How to reduce bottlenecks and queues and how to set up shared spaces to accommodate students from different bubbles safely?


-             How to minimise the use of shared equipment and ensure equipment used by different bubbles is safe?

Student Expectations and Behaviours

-             How to provide clarity on our expectations of students, regarding bubbles, and how to communication and enforce these?

Policy and Procedures

-             How to adapt policy and procedures to support staff and students to remain safe and provide the best possible opportunities and student experience?

Online Support and Student Experience

How are you planning to manage bubbles in your college?

Curriculum design and delivery

Curriculum has been re-designed to decrease the proportion of face-to-face on campus delivery and increase the proportion of online learning sessions and independent virtual learning. This allows the college to maintain its broad curriculum offer, face-to-face delivery of key technical skills and on campus support for vulnerable students whilst reducing class sizes, introducing bubbles and reducing student numbers on campus

We have developed our PD curriculum offer, significantly enhancing online e-safety, employability skills, digital literacy, mental health and careers packages. Interactive online English and maths content has also been developed


Curriculum have zones in which to timetable, where possible bubbles are timetabled in the same room with the same teacher of small group of teachers. Half days are encouraged to reduce the usage of shared spaces such as the refectory. Timetables are staggered to support social distancing

Estates (Bottlenecks and Shared Spaces)

Details plans and routes (one-way) have been established and tested with small numbers of students accessing campus to complete technical elements of their qualifications. Signage is visible and where possible doors are left open to minimise queuing and touch points where bubbles may come into contact. The layout of shared spaces have been redesigned such as the refectory, the Learning Resource Centres and Student Central to support social distancing


A  focus has been placed on equipping the person rather the space so as much equipment as possible becomes personal rather than shared

Student Expectations and Behaviours

Our Student Charter has been update and a Student Covid Guidance document has been created and linked. Our expectations regarding behaviours, including remaining in bubbles and adhering to social distancing, is clear. It is communicated through transition, enrolment, induction and tutorial. It is visible in signage, on social media and on the website

Policy and Procedures

Policies have been adapted. For example the Student Behaviour policy makes it clear that students will be asked to leave campus if they wilfully continue to ignore our Student Covid Guidelines when reminded