British Council international award - South Eastern Regional College Case Study

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) aims to prepare learners with the skills, knowledge and competences to succeed in an international context through well-managed international partnerships.

A long-established relationship with a Japanese college is evidence of SERC’s commitment to sustainable international growth and is the premise for our innovative cross-fertilisation approach encompassing personal contacts, funding, partnership projects, networks and internationally focussed organisations to develop mutually beneficial relationships. This has facilitated collaborative work in over 20 countries.

The impact on students of mobility and partnership project opportunities is phenomenal, with over 90% of participants reporting improvements in confidence, adaptability, critical thinking and technical/professional skills/competences, and are now considering working in an international context. Many students credit gaining employment to their international experience.

Encouraging both inward and outward development and sharing and learning from international best practice, has enabled the college to embed international activity through curriculum development and enhanced student, organisational and staff capacity.

SERC will continue to explore overseas commercial and funding opportunities and maximise existing relationships to improve the quality and relevance of our learning and teaching.