British Council international award - NPTC Group of Colleges Case Study

NPTC Group of Colleges is leading the way in China with its innovative education programme that could mean a massive boost to other UK education providers and the British economy.

The College is working with Chinese colleges with its world-leading Centre of Excellence for British Vocational Education in China (CEBVEC). The programme will enable China to develop much needed skills to enable delivery of the Chinese economic development strategy which focuses on high tech manufacturing. It’s part of the Alliance, which is committed to promoting close cooperation between China and Britain in vocational education.

The programme focuses on training teachers in China, helping them to deliver a modern UK standard of student-centred teaching and learning. China currently has more than 12,000 vocational colleges and 27 million vocational students - the largest vocational education system in the world.

The programme will not be restricted to only NPTC Group, as the model requires support from other FE colleges to deliver the programme.

It means social mobility for thousands of Chinese students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive an international standard education. Plans to develop the project could also see more connections made with top UK universities, furthering the social mobility and commercial success of the partnership programme.