British Council international award - Dudley College of Technology Case Study

Part of Dudley College’s organisational DNA, our international work is based around a holistic, value-based programme of activity integrated into our strategic plan.

Focused on building the capacity of partner colleges and organisations across three continents, we increase the ability of education professionals to teach, lead and administer and by extension, improve outcomes for their students and communities, many of which are in areas of deprivation and social upheaval.

We capacity-build education professionals to lead, teach, and administer, while students who participate in international projects both mature and become more focused on their long-term goals, developing a greater understanding of work and business. Our worldwide operations are therefore integral to our relentless drive to grow skills and transform lives.

An integral part of our Strategic Plan, our international work allows us to take a holistic approach to supporting partners overseas, but also build the skills of our own students and staff; students increasingly receive the opportunity to study overseas while staff hone their skills in different countries and environments.

Dudley College’s worldwide activities not only support global partners but have genuine impact for our staff and students, placing us at the heart of international training.