British Council international award - Chesterfield College Case Study

Chesterfield College partnered with US charity The Melodic Caring Project to live stream shows to seriously ill children around the world, providing students with incredible work experience in the field of broadcast media.

This is the very first project of its type in the UK using innovative international live streaming technologies to children. Skype has enabled students to regularly converse with the MCP team and patients in the U.S, which has given them an international mindset.

Students were able to see the immediate impact of what they worked hard on, putting smiles on the faces of seriously ill children, inspiring them to achieve. The project has led to a significant increase in learner success, retention, achievement, progression and satisfaction.

Graduations, safety demonstrations, guest seminars and Q&As are now broadcast across the whole cohort. Students from other areas are also involved in the project such as Health and Social Care, Graphic Design and Business students. Also in the pipeline are live broadcasts by MCP U.S from Broadway to Performing Arts students including an exclusive Q&A with the cast.

The project has opened the eyes of students, that the world is bigger than the town we live in and what can be achieved through international partnership and collaboration.