British Council international award - Burton and South Derbyshire College Case Study

Burton and South Derbyshire College serves some of the most economically deprived areas in the UK. Our international work broadens our UK learner’s perspectives and prepares them for global careers.

combine international experiences for our learners that build upon their technical studies and enhance their BSDC ‘Skills Promise’ competencies. This innovative approach in skill development secures outstanding actual and sustained destinations and next steps for BSDC learners, whilst broadening their world view and giving them insights into cultures that permeate business within our locality.

Over 75% of our UK learners have benefitted from our international programmes with this also adding approximately £1M of additional annual income to the local economy.

are already in place to ensure all BSDC learners benefit from our globalisation strategy. We are diversifying both our programmes and markets to ensure that all curriculum areas have an international offer that adds significant value and develops competencies and skills that are transferrable across geographical boundaries.

is a globally focussed college, successfully bringing the world to our locality to ensure that BSDC learners are job ready and socially mobile with career aspirations that are not limited by geography.