British Council International Award


This award supported by the British Council seeks to celebrate an outstanding example of a College’s international work. The winner will have exceptional strategies to embed international activity within the broader college aims and have identified how this contributes to improved organisational, staff and curriculum development and learner outcomes. In particular assessors will look for effective and imaginative approaches undertaken to use international work to raise aspirations, share best practice and act as a catalyst for improvements in teaching and learning. Outcomes will be measured by evidenced improvements to key college objectives through international work. International work is varied and so long as applications meet the criteria there is no absolute requirement for international travel to have taken place.

When completing the first stage application (max 1,000 words) please note that the assessors will be scoring on innovation, impact and sustainability. Inclusion of information to address the AoC Beacon Criteria will enhance the likelihood of success.

Colleges that exceed the AoC Beacon Standard will be invited to submit a full project brief second stage (building on the content in the first stage application), that will provide comprehensive additional evidence such as: effective targeting of under-represented groups, innovative curriculum or course design, highly effective learner support systems and the creation of imaginative opportunities for vocational learning.

Sponsor’s criteria

Colleges wishing to apply for this award could consider some or all of the following:

  • Successful methods to encourage international collaboration and exchange to help shape an international mind-set in learners, particularly where they have suffered disadvantage or are an underrepresented group in a vocational area
  • Work with overseas partners to support the provision of imaginative opportunities for vocational learning that effectively raises aspirations
  • Imaginative and innovative ways of sharing best practice with counterparts overseas that improves the reputation and connections with other countries
  • Partnership working where colleges together with overseas peers work to enhance organisational or staff capacity
  • The identification of where international activity has contributed to the benefit of the wider organisation and local community.

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