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Microlink, AoC Charitable Trust and Achievements for All 3As Inclusive Learning Award for High Needs Students winners Bridgend College
"The Pastoral care I have seen afforded my son is second to none. I am filled with confidence that because of his time on this course building his confidence, he now has a future and career possibilities, where before there seemed none" - Parent


Microlink, AoC Charitable Trust and Achievement for All 3As Award for High Needs Students

Entry Studies Section, Bridgwater College

Supporting learners with LLDD to develop employability skills and to become independent through work experience, volunteering and personalised learning opportunities

The Entry Studies section at Bridgwater College provides a progressive and diverse curriculum that delivers individual learning programmes to enable learners with learning difficulties and disabilities to progress on to employment, independence and higher levels of education.

Whilst qualifications form an important part of each learning pathway, a key feature of the curriculum is a relentless focus on supporting students to embrace opportunities within the world of work at a level that is appropriate to them.

Every learner within the section has the opportunity to volunteer, not only to develop their employability skills, but also to play an active role with their community at a local and county level. Volunteering and work placement opportunities are diverse and bespoke to learner needs.

The programme allows students to develop individual skills while working as part of a team.  Tutors work closely with parents, guardians, carers and multi-agencies to ensure students can make the most of the opportunities offered to them and to challenge perceptions about learning difficulties and disabilities.

For feedback on applications for the Beacon Awards 2014/15 please see the Chief Assessor's Annual Report.

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