Blackburn College GCSEs

A collection of case studies featruing successful GCSE students at Blackburn College.

Mature Student Gabriele Achieves Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics at Blackburn College (pictured top)

Blackburn College adult student Gabriele Rogers is celebrating after achieving Grade 8 in her GCSE Mathematics course.

Gabriele, 58, took the GCSE as a refresher course, as she targets a pathway into Maths Tuition.

Gabriele, who lives in Langho, said: “I am happy with how I have done! It’s really nice to see all the hard work of studying around work and life commitments has paid off. 

“I chose to study my GCSE Maths because I am looking to move into Maths Tuition in the future and needed to do a refresher course. I want to do some voluntary work in a Primary School to move towards this. 

“Ideally, I want to sit an actual GCSE Mathematics exam to challenge myself and see if I can achieve a Grade 9! Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit the exam this year due to the challenges of COVID-19. If I do eventually sit the exam, and achieve my goals, I will then look to progress to voluntary work in a Secondary School.” 

She added: “I loved all of the lessons and enjoyed my time in the classes, the tutors made the curriculum good and engaging. It wasn’t just a case of sitting and listening because, where they could, they made certain things practical and got the whole class taking part. 

I chose to do it at Blackburn College because the campus is close to home, so it was very convenient for me to study here.”


Hannah Achieves Excellent English 7 and Maths 7 in her GCSEs at Blackburn College (pictured left)

Student Hannah Ledgerwood has completed her GCSE English and Mathematics qualifications at Blackburn College, achieving a Grade 7 in English and a Grade 7 in Maths.

Hannah, 17, chose to study at Blackburn College after moving to the area from South Africa. She was outside of UK High School age so studied her GCSE English and Mathematics qualifications at the College alongside her Level 2 BTEC in Business.

She has now been accepted for A-Levels at the College, going on to study English Language, Government and Politics and History.

Hannah said: “What I have really enjoyed about studying at Blackburn College so far is how clear things are made to you and how things were explained to make sure I understood.

“I really liked the teachers, they always went the extra mile to help me when I needed support. Whether it was before or after classes, they always had time and were great at explaining the curriculum.”

She added: “I’m made up with my GCSE grades and I can’t wait to get started on my A-Levels! For my future I’m aspiring to have a career in Journalism or English teaching at Secondary School level.”   


Lily Achieves English 5, Maths 5 in her GCSEs at Blackburn College (pictured right)

Student Lily Matthias has completed her GCSE English and Mathematics qualifications at Blackburn College, achieving a Grade 5 in English and a Grade 5 in Maths.

Lily, 15, is the youngest student at the Feilden Street College. She chose to return to education to do her GCSEs through the College’s Moving On project after seven years of home-schooling.

Alongside studying her English and Maths GCSEs, Lily also studied BTEC Level 1 in Sports and combined her studies with her Figure Skating success, as Blackburn College’s campus is within walking distance of Blackburn Ice Arena.

Lily said: “I chose Blackburn College because I wanted to take my GCSEs and further my education in sports and thanks to the Moving On project I found a way to do this without having to enter a mainstream school.

Since the age of nine, I have trained in Figure Skating Singles and Ice Dance as part of the Team GB Development Squad at Blackburn Ice Arena and have become a three-time British Solo Ice Dance Champion.

“I was always happy to be able to skate and be home-schooled, it worked out really well for me. But during the summer of 2019 I made the decision that I wanted to return to education so that I could take the GCSEs I needed to eventually go to university and gain the qualifications for pursuing a career within high level sports.

“I may also look at the possibility of gaining a scholarship to attend a university abroad where I can also have access to excellent training facilities and coaching for my skating.”

She added: “I have never found being the youngest student in the College to be a problem. I have felt fully supported by the Moving On team and all of my tutors and I have also made lots of new friends.

“I started College with a good level of knowledge but soon realised that I had some gaps of knowledge in the curriculum, so I have had to work really hard to plug those gaps and my teachers have given me all the support I needed to do that. Little did I know that this year there would be no actual exams due to Coronavirus and lockdown!

“During lockdown, my teachers kept in contact with me and we kept to a normal timetable. We continued to work on improving any weaknesses and I completed many more mock exam papers which allowed me to fully complete the courses.”

“I will be returning to College in September 2020 still a year younger than my peers with two GCSEs already completed a year early. I will be continuing my further education in sports,” said Lily.

“I’d like to say thank you to my tutor Dan for all his help and support, as well as my teachers Sarah, Nick, Jo, Rachel and Jenn. I also want to thank Linda and Sarah from the Moving On project.”