Award for Practical Teaching and Learning

Edge Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning

Edge wants to recognise, celebrate and promote examples of excellent practical teaching and learning.  We believe that practical and vocational learning is vital to young people and the UK economy and that this pathway should be given equal status to academic routes.

We invite entries for this award from colleges which have developed practical teaching and learning approaches that enable students to have experiences that are:

Real – with opportunities for student to tackle real life problems by learning from people in the know, using the tools of the trade

Meaningful – the college can demonstrate that students can explain why they are working on a particular task, and the benefits to themselves, and others, of completing it well

Challenging – with opportunities for students to work alongside experts and be challenged to perform at new levels of skill

Stretching – the college can demonstrate that the student can describe their new skills and insights and show the distance they have travelled

Life-changing – the college can demonstrate the doors that are now open to learners and the way that their learning at the college has re-shaped their future.


About the Edge Foundation

Edge is the independent education charity dedicated to raising the status of technical and professional education.

High quality technical and professional education provides the opportunity for all young people to reach their full potential, equipping them with the skills they need for today’s global, digital economy.

Technical and professional education should be valued as highly as academic education – there are many paths to success.

Our vision is that by 2025 we want to see:

  • Practical, applied and inquiry-led learning is part of every young person’s education from 5 to 18.
  • From age 14 every student studies at least one technical or professional subject as part of a broad baccalaureate recognising young people’s achievements in all forms of learning.
  • There are more high quality specialist 14-18 schools such as UTCs and Studio Schools, collaborating to provide a rounded offer in every area of the country.
  • In every learning environment employers work with teachers and lecturers to devise and deliver hands-on projects and provide workplace visits and careers talks to help young people choose their career.
  • Technical and professional learning, including an expanded apprenticeship programme, is valued as highly as Higher Education.

To find out more, visit, join us on Facebook/UKedge and follow us on Twitter @ukEdge.

We want young people to have experience of high quality practical learning to enable them to develop the skills needed for success at work in a wide range of careers.  That’s why we continue to support the AoC Beacon Award for Practical Teaching and Practical Learning.