How to Apply


The deadline for applications is Wednesday 5 July at midnight. For any queries, please contact 0207 034 9900 until 5pm. Any problems after 5pm, please call 07741 293369.

Your entry should show evidence of imaginative yet sustainable teaching and learning practice or other relevant provision. The initiative can be a programme, course, project or other form of teaching, involving learning, advice, guidance or support.

The entry, which should be made by a senior member of staff who has close contact with the initiative, must:

  1. Meet the specific requirements set out in award category to which the submission relates.
  2. Promote equality and diversity.
  3. Be subject to evaluation/quality assurance to influence the continuing development of the initiative.
  4. Have been running for at least one academic year by 31 July 2017.
  5. Have features that actively promote exemplary teaching and learning.
  6. Benefit one or more groups of students or trainees identified and described in the entry.
  7. Have wider relevance and value to other colleges as an example of good practice.

Please note that new initiatives, which have not completed a full cycle of implementation meaning that evidence of outcomes are unavailable, will not be eligible for consideration. All entrants must be colleges incorporated under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

Application Pack 2017-18 (DOCX,106.81 KB)

AoC Beacon Award Prospectus 2017-18.pdf (PDF,9.78 MB)

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 5 July at midnight. For any queries, please contact 0207 034 9900 until 5pm. Any problems after 5pm, please call 07741 293369.

All entries must comprise three parts as follows:

Part 1 is essentially a cover sheet, giving the college’s details and the principal/chief executive approval for the submission.  It also requires a brief summary of the project.

Part 2 is anonymous and should be used to clarify the scope of the project.  It will also help consistency and sets out how the submission addresses the general Beacon criteria.  This requirement is common to all Awards.

Part 3 is anonymous and has a 3,000 word limit.  This section is essentially about the project itself. You should focus strongly on meeting the sponsor’s criteria, but also make reference to the more general Beacon criteria, where appropriate. It would be appreciated if you could use the headings provided. Assessors are keen to ensure that when comparing and contrasting applications, a potentially excellent college application is not disadvantaged because of a confusing layout.  This should be structured as follows:

  • Project summary – a brief overview of the initiative including a clear description of target group and the date the initiative started.
  • Aims and objectives – how they were established, and how they have resulted in the promotion of exemplary teaching and learning.
  • How the project meets the award category criteria – a section that clearly addresses each of the criteria for the award entered.
  • Project management – describe how the project is managed including how quality assurance is used to improve the initiative and how the project meets equality and diversity standards.
  • Outcomes and benefits to students – show how the initiative has benefited the students and others involved with the project. This should be supported by written evidence from beneficiaries who may be students, trainees, employers or, in some cases, parents. This section should also include data on enrolment, retention, achievement and progression.
  • Dissemination and the future – key features of the project should be highlighted, demonstrating how it can benefit other colleges and how it will develop in the future.

This should not include anything that could directly identify the college. Please note that written evidence from beneficiaries and appendices should be included in the word count.

Colleges can submit applications to the Beacon Awards in one of three ways:

  • Complete the online application form

Follow the instructions and complete the application form online. Part Three of the application form, and any supporting material, must uploaded as individual documents. Please note, if you do have any problems with this system, either email the address below or call 07741 293369.

  • Email the Charitable Trust

Send your completed application pack to

  • Post your entry

Send your completed application pack to:

AoC Charitable Trust
2-5 Stedham Place,

If submitting by post, please ensure you send:

  • One copy of Part One
  • Five copies of Part Two
  • Five copies of Part Three.

The closing date for entries is 5 July 2017 at midnight.