Award for Transition into Post-16 Education and Training sponsored by the Skills and Education Group

This award is open for initiatives that have enabled successful and sustainable transition into post-16 education and training from schools.  Assessors will be looking for strong examples that support students during the move from pre-16 to post-16 education that support progression.

The initiatives could include (but not restricted to):

  • Progression into technical education and training. Good examples of how colleges supported students progressing from schools into post-16 technical education and training.  This could include programmes which work in partnership with schools to support the transition from a school to college environment.
  • Supporting health and wellbeing.  Examples of effective programmes of how a college supports students during the challenging transition from pre to post-16 environments and the continuity of this would be welcome.
  • Effective curriculum delivery. How colleges effective deliver curriculum during the transition period, providing meaningful qualifications and the development of a wide range of personal, social and employability skills, including the development of English and/or mathematics, relevant to each student’s needs.
  • Partnerships with schools. Well established arrangements with schools that ensures students receive high quality advice and guidance that enables them and/or their parents/guardians to make informed choices.  Coupled to this, examples of colleges working with schools to give summer/taster courses pre-induction, which support to transition to post-16 education and training.


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