Award for the promotion and delivery of successful apprenticeships

This award will recognise exemplary practice in the promotion and delivery of apprenticeships that is responsive to the needs of both employers and apprentices.

The award will be granted to the college providing an outstanding service to apprentices and employers which meets their skills needs and engages employers in supporting the development of apprenticeships including traineeships where appropriate.

Applications should demonstrate effective partnerships with employers and support for students, reflected in provision which enables development of a skilled workforce and responds to identified skills priorities.  While the focus of the application might be on one or more individual programmes within the college, applications must also demonstrate that these are part of a whole college approach to promoting apprenticeships.

Assessors will be looking for evidence of:

  • A whole college approach to supporting the promotion of apprenticeships and traineeships and meeting the recruitment and development needs of employers
  • Productive partnerships with employers in the design and provision of programmes, providing continuity between college provision and training in the workplace supported by effective management of quality to achieve an outstanding level of progression to sustained employment
  • Well managed investment in training and development of college staff, and the provision of up-to-date facilities and equipment to industry standards
  • Demonstrating consistently high levels of retention and achievement rates for learners resulting in successful progression to further study and transition into fully skilled employment roles
  • Development and implementation of flexible/innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods that overcome barriers to accessing learning, and respond to the needs of employers and apprentices
  • Effective partnerships with employers and educational institutions to support impartial guidance enabling students to make informed choices about their progression to a traineeship or apprenticeship.