AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - Yeovil College Case Study

Yeovil College recognised that our service needed to enable learners to explore their mental wellbeing and access a variety of support at pertinent points in their transition.

Working directly with local schools on transitions means we identify, meet and put in place support throughout year 11 to facilitate their entry to Yeovil College. Utilising a large team of volunteer counsellors ensures a speedy response to students who do not meet the threshold for local external services.

94% of transition learners were retained in 2017/18. This demonstrates the impact for these learners identified by schools as at risk prior to starting college. 60 students were able to access counselling supporting their mental health and education. Student evaluations have identified that they would not have stayed on programme without this.

Transition students and those identified early, access the student support services. In addition, the team, including volunteers, promote their services at Fresher’s Fair and through Tutorials with a focus on male students. All students are enabled to access the service at any time during their course.

We are proud to support and embrace our student’s mental health and wellbeing from Year 11, through transition phase and throughout their Study Progamme with Yeovil College.