AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award Middlesborough College Case Study

The College’s Community Wellbeing Programme was implemented to improve the wellbeing and mental health of both our students and staff through effective partnership working.

Effective partnership working with the local Public Health Department and Clinical Commissioning Group has resulted in a whole college Heath Needs Assessment, enhancement of the Student Counselling Service through the IAPT programme and a project to reduce the number of inactive students via access to Sport England funding.

The biggest impact has been the co-ordination of access to the IAPT Programme, which has provided additional on-site counselling provision for students to support the increasing number with mental health difficulties. Retention for these students is excellent and has enabled them to remain and achieve at college.

The college has developed a dedicated Student Wellbeing Centre which provides a wide range of support services delivered in partnership with external providers. This Centre hosts the Counselling Service, a team of Safeguarding and Welfare Officers and the ‘Live Well, Learn Well’ team with an open access policy for all.

Bringing together the expertise from external partners has improved service provision to ensure the effective support of mental health and wellbeing.