AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - Exeter College Case Study

WHAM! Wellbeing, Health, Activity, Motivation! represents a whole college journey towards sustainable practice in supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing! At Exeter College providing exceptional support for learner mental health and emotional wellbeing has always been a priority.

Driven by what learners said they wanted; we created an engaging, contemporary, sustainable programme for promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing; called ‘WHAM’.

WHAM is an innovative, accessible service; revolving around a digital platform, using mediums of communication chosen by learners. WHAM provides information, advice and guidance. WHAM gives learners control over how and when they access support and in what format: face -face, digital, group, activity led; improving their ability to self-support, build resilience and access appropriate services. WHAM has brought our wellbeing offer under one umbrella, and is designed to reach out to the universal student population. Learners access WHAM from their own devices, social media, college, travelling or at home. Development is being led by learners and supported by a range of partners; sharing the vision of wellbeing, health, activity and motivation.

WHAM has revolutionized Exeter College’s approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing. ‘Support for mental health and wellbeing is exemplary and must be shared!’ (OFSTED 2018)