AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - EKC Group Case Study

With a significant rise in youth mental ill health, and a focus across the college on improving student wellbeing, Canterbury College opened its new Emotional Wellbeing Centre.

The centre provides a safe haven for students, giving a place for them to relax and centre themselves during times of struggle. It also offers the opportunity to talk with trained counsellors, affording students the opportunity to receive advice and guidance.

The centre has enabled a number of students to remain at college when things have got so tough that they might otherwise have dropped out. It has given life changing support to students, and has been praised by learners for ensuring they were able to cope with challenges in a supportive environment.

All students have access to the centre and its trained staff, ensuring that it is an inclusive space for everyone. The concept has now spread across the EKC Group, with other colleges using the centre as an exemplar to develop their own.

The initiative is critical in ensuring all students are able to deal with their challenges in a supported, open environment and has improved retention rates, ensuring students are able to continue with their studies, even when they may be struggling with other problems.