AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - East Coast College Case Study

At East Coast College we don’t accept that our only mental health responsibility is Tier 1 Universal Duty. Student voice can and is positively influencing regional strategic planning. This is how we are affecting change for a long-lasting impact on our multi-generational community.

Our approach reaches every corner of decision making, including: speaking with the Parliamentary Education and Health Select Committee; representing education on the local CCG redesign vision of local CAMHS services; co-authoring self-assessment tools for FE; using student voice to inform County Lines and CSE intelligence; governance in Virtual School; hate crime resources for local schools; hosting a mental health summit; maintaining +70 local partnerships; summer school; and a rolling staff programme of Mental Health First Aid.

Students demonstrate our impact through giving trust, with a rise of mental health concerns at 190% above reported figures (AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2016) and 168% rise in students declaring mental health concerns pre-enrolment (17/18 to 18/19); embodying a positive reputation in our local community. We owe it to our community to deliver the support that values each individual and continues their opportunity for learning.

“I didn’t know what good care was until I came to college.” Student A