AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - City College Plymouth Case Study

City College Plymouth’s Mental Health Matters strategy was established to target early identification, support intervention and strategies building resilience linked to our learners’ mental wellbeing.

Creating an innovative whole-college sustainable approach was pivotal to enable early intervention work to advocate mental wellbeing and build resilience. All college teams and Governors positively engaged in mobilising Mental Health Matters to create an ethos where mental health, like safeguarding and health and safety, is seen as everyone’s responsibility.

A successful programme of promotional events and bespoke activities, together with relevant training for staff, has provided an environment in which students can continue to engage with learning and progress. Achievement for learners disclosing a mental health difficulty increased by 4% in 16/17 and by a further 5.5% in 17/18.

As part of Mental Health Matters, our ‘Wellbeing Week' will continue to help students learn about good mental health and the benefits of talking about and seeking help to sustain wellbeing. We will further develop our successful health, fitness and sport programme to ‘scaffold’ wellbeing and remove barriers to activity participation.

Our TEAM (together everyone achieves more) approach promoting good mental health provides a strong and sustainable platform that improves our learners’ health and mental wellbeing.